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*Please note we are NOT accepting new firearm transfers. *

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To all of our loyal customers:

Thank you for many exciting, wonderful, and fulfilling years of allowing us to assist you with NRA training and FFL services. We will be moving to Georgia and reopening shop just as soon as we can, as always you can reach out to us for information or general help. Please know that this decision was extremely hard due to your continued patronage, and we are truly sorry to see the end of what has been a very great relationship with each and every one of you. 

Our FFL license expires at the end of April, which means we are no longer accepting new transfer orders. With unprecedented lead times in shipping across the firearms industry, an order today likely would not ship within the next 2-3 weeks. We legally CANNOT accept any deliveries after 30 April. If an item arrives after the 30th, it will be returned to shipper, regardless of situation. We do not have any suggestions as to alternate FFLs in the area, all we can do is suggest using the FFL Locator on GunBroker.com to find a local dealer that you can do business with.

With Deepest Respect,

Dustin Herrington

Owner, Full Mag Arms


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Full Mag Arms is a disabled Marine Corps Veteran owned company.

Gunfighting is fifty percent shooting and fifty percent not getting shot.